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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist   MFC 47505       












Counseling and Psychotherapy


Confiding your thoughts and feelings takes courage, and being heard, seen and understood is by itself healing.  I'm privileged to be a catalyst for insightful exploration, your pursuits of self-understanding, self-acceptance and personal growth, as well as meaningful fulfilling relationships.  It is possible to approach tomorrow feeling less burdened, clearer and hopeful.  I hope you’ll consider connecting with me to discover how.

Marriage and Family Therapy is highly effective because of the "systemic" orientation that is paramount to treatment.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Emphasis: Marriage and Family Therapy, my approach is always client-centered.  I utilize a variety of therapeutic orientations with individuals (adults, children, adolescents), couples and families.

I believe that an individual's emotional issues and concerns must be treated within the context of his or her current or prior relationships if the gains are to be meaningful and productive. Therapy works best when you are open to it and are actually willing to participate in your own healing.  The most important factor in securing effective therapy is a good relationship between you and your therapist.

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